Quilting and the Art of “What If?”

by Tony Jacobson, Piece Works Quilt Shop,  Iowa

Tony Jacobson is a nationally known quilt designer and teacher.  He learned to piece quilts from his grandmother, when he was 10 years old, and has been creating quilts ever since. His quilt designs have appeared in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting, Easy Quilts, and Quilting Quickly. Tony owns and operates Piece Works Quilt Shop in Somerset, Iowa. His website is: pieceworksquiltshop.com

 Tony will bring 40+ quilts to show and to illustrate his methods of exploring “What If?” What if you change one element, what will the quilt design look like then? What if you change a second element? What if you change the light and dark values? Tony will show 3-4 variations of the same quilt, to demonstrate the impact  of subtle changes, or not-so-subtle changes.  Sometimes the simpler the pattern, such as Pin Wheels, the more variations can be made, with successful results.

Tony also teaches efficient and faster ways of cutting and sewing certain blocks.  He will show us his method for 4-at-a-time Flying Geese Units.  These units are often used as points in stars, so if they are cut and sewn at one time, they will be consistent and less likely to stretch along the bias. Tony teaches 8-at-a-time Triangle Squares, starting with squares.  With this method, the fabric (and bias) is stabilized before you start cutting,

CLASS: Class project will be “Touch of Rouge” quilt pattern, based on an 18” block.  You can make it as a wall hanging, with only 4 or 9 blocks, or as a 66’ x 87’ quilt.   Or just make the block to learn the time-saving techniques.  This design can be made with Christmas fabrics, Halloween fabrics, etc. Tony will show us several variations made with Touch of Rouge pattern. 

Class Time:  Friday 9:00 am –  3:30 pm       Class fee: $35 includes pattern

Supply list: will be available in May.