Our member, Randee Hamblin will show us a quilting technique called “Layered Waves”, made popular by Karen Eckmeier’s books and patterns.  Making free-form wavy layers is creative and playful.  The layers can be topstitched with a variety of colors and stitches or enhanced with small quilting details. This is a popular technique for a not-too-complicated landscape quilt, with results in hours, not weeks.  Layered waves and curves can be done randomly to build fabric segments for use in a project/tote bag or wearables. It’s a fun method for collages and semi-realistic fabric scenes. 

No previous experience in this technique is necessary for the afternoon class: we’ll be cutting, sewing, pressing and designing on the fly.  The fee for the class will be to bring or sew a CASA stocking.

Deb Border will be managing a sit and sew CASA stocking session in the afternoon as well.

Plan to bring a lunch and spend the afternoon designing and sewing.