Policies and Procedures

HSV Quilt Guild, Inc.

April 4, 2022

Amended version effective October 4, 2022

All changes to the Policies and Procedures must have Board approval.  Changes may be distributed in advance of a vote to the membership. All changes to be voted on may be decided by simple majority of members present at the monthly membership meeting in which the vote takes place.

Article reference refer to current Bylaws of the HSV Quilt Guild, Inc.

General Rules

Article III – Membership

            Section 2:  Dues may be $35.00 per year, due in January for the calendar year.  New members joining after the June meeting may be prorated for the remainder of the year.

Article IV – Officers Defined

Section 2 – The Treasurer shall submit non-profit filings for current calendar year.

  • File the applicable type of Federal Form 990 between January 1st and May 15th  for the previous calendar year by deadline of May 15th of the year following.
  • File Arkansas Annual Report NPD-5 between January 1st and August 1st for the current calendar year by deadline of August 1st at www.ark.org/sos.
  • Send Form 1099-MISC for payments for services, prizes, and awards and other qualifying reportable income payments to recipients/providers as applicable by January 31st of the year following the year in which payments were made. Our policy is to report income on the required IRS Form 1099 if total direct payments are equal to or more than $600 (as determined by the IRS designated threshold for the applicable filing year) in a calendar year according to the IRS requirements.
  • File the applicable Forms 1096 (Transmittal Form) & 1099-MISC (or equivalent for the relevant tax year) to the IRS by January 31st of the year following the year in which services, prizes, and awards and other income payments were made.

Article V – Meetings

            Section 1:  Our regular monthly meetings will be held at Faith Lutheran Church, 1196 DeSoto Blvd., HSV, AR 71909.  Monthly meetings held at other locations must be approved by the Board and the membership notified in a timely manner.

Article VII – Standing Committees – Section 1

            The Audit Committee – This committee of up to three members, not currently elected officers of the guild, should conduct an audit between December 31st and the May membership meeting.  The audit committee will provide the audit report during a mid-year membership meeting.

The Budget Committee – This committee must present a budget to the Board prior to the November board meeting.  Each chair should submit a budget to the Budget committee each year as requested from the Budget Chairperson. A Board approved budget is to be communicated prior to the November membership meeting each year.  The final budget is to be communicated prior to the December membership meeting for approval. 

            The Library Committee – This committee oversees the acquisition of books, maintains a proper inventory, and the check-out/check-in system.

            The eBlast Committee – This person/persons sends necessary notifications to the membership via email pertaining to the business of the guild.  An obituary of a current member or a long-term old member may also be considered guild business.  Due to confidentiality laws an eBlast of personal information (surgery, illness, etc.) may not be sent to the membership unless requested by the individual.

            The Publicity Committee – This committee submits articles and/or photos to the local newspapers for publication.  The Chairperson coordinates publicity for the Guild.

            The Membership Committee – This committee is responsible for signing in of members and guests at guild meetings.  The Chair may welcome guests and introduce new members to the membership.  The Chair is responsible for keeping an updated record of our membership.  Updated files should be sent to the eBlast Committee for distribution.  The Membership Committee is represented on the Board by the Assistant Treasurer who is the liaison to the Membership Committee.

Operational Guidelines:

  1.  Workshops:

Workshop fees may vary and may be determined by the fees necessary to obtain the workshop instructor.  Fees are due and payable at the time of sign up.  The Program Chair may then open sign ups to non-members.  The Chair may be able to decide if waiting lists are necessary and how to proceed with filling any workshop.

  • HSVQG Payment Policy for Members:

The Board determined that members may be paid an honorarium of $200.00 for a lecture/program of at least 1 hour, $300 for a workshop lasting 6 hours, and $200 for workshop of three hours in length. Other honorariums may be paid at the recommendation of the Program Chair.

  • Recurring Expenses:

The Treasurer pays recurring expenses in a timely manner without the need for payment request. These bills are due annually, biannually, quarterly, etc., and have been included in the budget.  This includes items like the PO Box, storage unit, and web sites.  Concerns for unusual increases should be reviewed by the Board.

  • AR Village Quilt Show Committee:

The Board may establish a committee that is responsible for all aspects of planning and conducting a biennial quilt show.  The committee is responsible for reporting to the board on at least a quarterly basis, the Quilt Show budget, financial report, and progress in planning and executing the Quilt Show.  The Board reserves the right by majority vote to modify the plan for executing and conducting the Quilt Show.

  • The Sunshine Chair:

This chair may send cards to members when alerted by the membership of the appropriateness of a card. 

  1. The Chair may also send a card to a member if an immediate member of their family is deceased. 
  2. The Chair may send an honorarium of approximately $50.00 if a member in good standing is deceased. 
  • Charity Quilts Committee: 

This committee works with members to organize kits for members to put together.  They also coordinate the purchasing of batting and backing fabric if needed.  On our meeting days a table should be setup with kits for distribution and a basket for completed quilts. These will be collected at the meeting and kits returned for the next meeting. The committee can decide when the quilts should be distributed to the three agencies that we serve, Head Start, First Step and Cooper Anthony Child Advocacy Center in Hot Springs. 

  •  Opportunity Quilt Committee:

This committee promotes the raffle opportunity for the quilt.  The quilt should be displayed at the monthly meetings so tickets can be sold to the membership.  The committee may display the quilt at other functions in the Village or surrounding area.  This helps promote our guild along with helping with our fund raiser.  The committee keeps track of all sold tickets for the year and turns in monies to the Assistant Treasurer during the monthly meetings.

  •  Raffle Committee

This committee provides a monthly raffle prize opportunity along with door prizes for the membership meetings. The committee purchases or acquires raffle prizes and door prizes. They should report monthly raffle prize ticket sales total along with all receipts and donation information to the Assistant Treasurer monthly. The raffle prize cash on hand will be accounted for annually and reported to the board by the Assistant Treasurer.