Randee Hamblin, on location

Randee Hamblin has been sewing, quiting, and playing with fabric and fiber for decades. She’s taught a variety of workshops for several quilt shops in Maryland and enjoys sharing tips and techniques. Classes are relaxed, fun and productive. Randee is a new member of our guild and we are excited to have her share her knowledge and skills.

LECTURE: “Inktense Pencils: Paint on Fabrics, Quilts, and More”

Inktense Pencils are unique: they are ink in pencil form, and can produce a wide range of effects, including pastel watercolors, or dramatic intense splashes of eye-catching color. The ink can be layered, can be loose and watery, or can be tightly controlled for outlines and geometric shapes. Plus, thread painting can be incorporated for more “wow” factor. All levels, from beginner to advanced artist, will enjoy experimenting with Inktense Pencils (no drawing experience needed.) You can stitch first, then paint or paint first, then stitch. Add textile medium, water, or aloe vera, and watch the magic happen. Samples will be shown of combinations of methods: lots of possibilities for art quilts or whole cloths quilts.

Workshop June 9, 2022 1:00pm – 4:00pm

WORKSHOP: Participants will experiment with wet and dry inks, and textile medium, on PFD fabric (Prepared For Dyeing Fabric). Class project will be a pre-stitched design, which participants can paint in their preferred colors and intensity. All workshop materials will be provided in kit.

June Show & Tell